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The Faculty of Medicine is the biggest faculty at the Medical University of Gdańsk. The Faculty of Medicine has also the biggest number of partner universities and the biggest number of students who go abroad to study in the frames of Lifelong Learning Programme. The faculty is divided into the Subfaculty of Medicine, Subfaculty of Dentistry (dentistry, dental techniques, public health – stomatological hygiene) and English Division. English Division is a section of the Medical Faculty of the MUG, which was established in 2000 and offers a 6-year MD programme for foreign students. All the lectures are conducted in English. The students who arrive to Gdańsk to study in the frames of LLP can choose subjects from the ones, which are conducted on English Division.
The curricula of the Faculty of Medicine are attached at the end of the Guide. It can have some changes, the final version will be available from June. It is advisable to choose subjects from one academic year, and not mix some subjects from one year and others from a different one.
For more information please contact dr hab. Kamil Chwojnicki, M.D., Ph.D, departmental coordinator of Erasmus+ at the Faculty of Medicine, e-mail: kamil.chwojnicki@gumed.edu.pl
Erasmus+ Vice-Departmental Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine with Subfaculty of Dentistry, e-mail: agata.zoltowska@gumed.edu.pl


The Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Gdańsk came into being on the 8th of December, 1946. It continues a long-standing tradition of natural and pharmaceutical sciences in Gdańsk.
The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to prepare highly competent, motivated pharmacists and medicinal analysts, responsive to society’s needs of pharmaceutical care, availing themselves of the opportunities offered in a united Europe. Students are encouraged to be active, self-directed and life-long learners. Realizing the mission, the Faculty of Pharmacy educates students in two branches of studies: pharmaceutical (6 year full-time studies) and medical analysis (5 year full-time studies), both leading to master’s degree.
The pharmacy students acquire their knowledge of drugs and how they affect the human body; relationships between structure and biological effect; interactions and metabolism – all based on natural and medical sciences. They learn the theoretical and practical forms and ways of administering drugs and the technologies of various drugs formulations. During the time of preparing the theses under the supervision of experienced scientists, the undergraduates become familiar with the basics of research work.
The educational programmes are currently updated both in the theory and practical issues, thus agreeing with the European standards. Foreign students seeking a degree at our faculty confirm the high quality of our didactic and professional services.
The present seventh decade of the faculty’s existence witnesses nearly 5 thousand graduates from the faculty. Moreover, 215 postgraduates have been awarded the Ph.D. degree which evidences the research activity of the academic teachers.
The Faculty of Pharmacy accepts Erasmus students only on their final year of study, just to do research work for their master’s thesis. For more information please contact Ilona Olędzka, Ph.D., departmental coordinator of Erasmus+ at the Faculty of Pharmacy: e-mail: ilona.oledzka@gumed.edu.pl


The Faculty of Health Science was created on 8th May 2006 as a result of the decision of the Chancellor of the Medical University of Gdansk. The Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the biggest Faculties of the Medical University of Gdansk (1428 students). The Faculty of Health Sciences became a separate faculty in May 2006. The Nursing Department has existed since May 1999 as a part of the Faculty of Medicine. In May 2006 the Department of Nursing and other departments were brought together as the Faculty of Health Sciences consisting of the following divisions:

  • nursing
  • midwifery
  • physiotherapy
  • medical rescue
  • public health, specialization: electro radiology.

For more information please contact Katarzyna Pietrzak, departmental coordinator of Erasmus+ at the Faculty of Health Sciences, e-mail: katarzyna.pietrzak@gumed.edu.pl: katarzyna.pietrzak@gumed.edu.pl


The Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the Medical University of Gdańsk and the University of Gdańsk was established in 1993. The idea of the Faculty was based on conviction that close interaction between research and teaching activities of the two universities will form a special, creative academic centre, using innovative methods of education and basing on top-level standards of research. Integration of the local scientific community remains a key element of our mission. Faculty continues tradition of molecular biology introduced in Gdańsk by Prof. Karol Taylor. Today, the Faculty groups more than thirty highly trained scientists who are providing advanced education to approximately two hundred undergraduate and graduate students. Our research and teaching is performed in well-equipped modern laboratories, which will be expanded soon upon completion of the Tri-City Central Animal Laboratory. This investment will enable us to create new research groups devoted to medical and animal biotechnology.
For more information please contact Anna Ihnatowicz, Ph. D., departmental coordinator of Erasmus+ at the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, e-mail: ihnatowicz@biotech.ug.gda.pl

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